Seasons of April Michael Joseph



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Seasons of April  by  Michael Joseph

Seasons of April by Michael Joseph
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Mitch McGregor was born and raised in Meford, Connecticut. Everyone in town knows Mitch. He was the star quarterback in high school. He served in the Marine Corps. He married his childhood sweetheart, Patty. They had a child, a daughter, Kelly. Life was perfect for Mitch until tragedy struck. On New Years Eve, his wife, Patty, was killed in a car accident by a drunken driver. Mitch never recovered from Pattys death.Ten years after Pattys tragic accident, Mitchs life has been in a rut.

One night, he goes online to a chat room, and he meets someone, Miss April Scott from Atlanta, Georgia. Mitch and April seem to have great chemistry but neither of them have any intention of taking the relationship to another level. Until April discovers Mitch will be living in Atlanta for a few months.

April now faces a dilemma. Should she take this relationship off line and meet him in person?Once they met, it seemed like a perfect match but soon there were problems. The more they got to know each other, the more they could see how different they were. Mitch discovered that April was harboring a few secrets, which would force him to have to make changes in his life. April saw Mitch as someone who had difficulty dealing with change. If the relationship is going to work, both April and Mitch will have to make decide if the love they share is worth the changes they will both have to make.

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